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  • Dr Lorna Robinson, Director, The Iris Project
  • Duncan Martin, Webmaster

Contacting Iris Online

For editorial, feedback, contributions, press, marketing, advertising and permissions

Lorna Robinson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Iris Online, 24 Green Ridges, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8PL

Contributor Guidelines

Iris Online is always looking for new writers and interesting, well-written pieces. If you have a different angle on something, a view that is not often heard or are just really passionate about a subject, then we definitely want to hear from you. Unfortunately, although we are always grateful to our writers, due to our small budget we are unable to pay contributors.

What we will publish…

  • Features aimed at intelligent, enthusiastic readers, generally linked to a termly or holiday theme;
  • Essays on any subject from literature to architecture, which aim to look at how the ancient world has influenced the modern;
  • Travelogues of visits to ancient sites;
  • Book, TV/radio, cinema, theatre reviews of Classical or Classically-related pieces;
  • Fiction, humour and poetry, including short stories and counter-factuals;
  • Our Lite section includes Top Ten lists, I’d Like to Meet… and a monthly adviice column answering readers questions.

A good way to find out what we are publishing is to follow Iris on twitter @TheIrisProject. However we are always open to new ideas and suggestions!

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Lorna with a short paragraph ‘pitching’ your idea. A pitch is a short paragraph in the body of an email outlining what your piece will be, explaining why you want to write about it and why you think it would interest our readers.

Lorna will get back to as soon as she can - and hopefully commission your piece!