Iris Olympics Competition Results!

This spring, The Iris Project, in association with the Mayor of London's Love Latin scheme, launched a schools Olympics 2012 competition. This competition aimed to encourage school pupils to engage with the Olympic Games and explore the roots of this institution.

We have now judged all the entries and the results are in! We were delighted to receive so many entries, all displaying a great deal of imagination and thought. Most entries were for the poster aspect of the competition, for which we received well over 100 entries, but we also received entries for the other two aspects.


 Many thanks and big congratulations to those listed below as well as everyone who entered - we loved judging all the entries and were very impressed throughout.

*under 18

 -Winner: Francesca Gurdon


-Runners up:

Margot Blackman                                        Florence Fowkes


*under 12


-Winner: Raffy Martin


-Runner up: Abi Sansom



-Winner: Ellie Haskin


Way back in Ancient Greece,
There came the first Olympic Games.
The idea belonged to Hercules,
The activities had funny names.

They started over 2000 years ago,
Amazingly they’re still in use.
A worldwide celebration of sport,
It is said that Zeus was the muse.

Here are the Olympic values,
Friendship, Excellence, Determination,
Not forgetting Equality,
Respect, Courage or Inspiration.

Boxing was invented by Apollo himself,
Who out-boxed Ares, or so the myth goes.
In Olympia, he had his great fall,
And Apollo made a new foe.

-Runner up: Elinor Haworth


The crowd is ready,
About to begin,
Runners going steady,
all hoping to win.

Rome Armenia,
Greece and Spain.
All competing
to win the game.

The torch was lit,
The games have begun.
all were there,
Father and son

The crowd go wild,
Competetors throw
Who will suceed,
No-one does know

Competitions are over,
Many are sad,
as some have done well,
but others...bad



*under 18

-Winner: India Skelt