Conquering Sorrow

Babylon – the site of Hephaistion’s death

Around the monuments, around the city,

Around the jaded walls I pity,

This is where his soul shall wander

Throughout all the ages.

For I shan’t suffer! Suffer his soul to die,

In my heart’s depths, his face forever lie.

My grief encompass all I do,

I’ll never leave thee” – my love, untrue.

Alexander’s great campaign to conquer all the known world

For in this lie, you said so earnest,

You’d conquer the world with me.

The name of Alexander is remembered long after his lover’s


Let no man forget,

Let no woman defile,

Let no child bemock,

The Fates’ hand that cuts the thread of life

That love which we had,

taken away by gods’ playful hand.


Alexander’s longest reaching campaign

For I say, and will say for evermore,

“jaded city” – Alexander was welcomed into the capital of Persia

I went to India,

I rule in Babylon,

There were many cities/towns that Alexander named after himself


Alexander + Hephaistion’s home region, where A. was crowned prince