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The new Iris Annual

We are very excited to announce that the 2014 Iris Annual is out! The annual takes the place of Iris magazine's termly editions. The publication is a 60 page glossy magazine, with full colour throughout. It features several articles by expert classicists as well as pieces on The Iris Project's work in schools, other outreach initiatives, a mix of light pieces, competitions, news, reviews, games and lesson ideas.

The 2014 annual is themed on money in the ancient world and its contents include:

- Herakles in coins: 12 extraordinary labels depicted on ancient money
- The Little Rome of Gaul: discovering Rome in Arles
- Economic Crisis?: Rome vs Euro meltdown
- Taxes in ancient Greece: many ways to bring in the money
- Food security in ancient Rome: keeping the Romans fed
An interview with Charlotte Higgins on why she loves the classics

It also includes features on outreach projects such as the groundbreaking performance of Medea at London's Roman Amphitheatre and the new East Oxford Community Classics Centre, as well as fiction and art competitions, quizzes and and a variety of light, informative pieces.

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