Txt Like a Roman!

The succinctness of Latin doubtless contributes to its use among doctors. I get frequent text messages from my  brother who is a doctor in Glasgow which contain Latin words or abbreviations. In texting – or ‘txtng’ - brevity is all. Below I list some of the Latin words and abbreviations that texters may find useful.

 adsum – ‘I am here’ – a useful way of letting a friend know that you have arrived for

a rendezvous.

ave! – ‘Great to hear from you!’ ‘Or See you later!’

c – abbreviation for ‘cum’ meaning ‘with’

domi – a rare outing for the archaic locative case and a succinct way of telling the people you have been out with that you made it home safely.

dormiebam–suggests to the early-bird texter with its calculated use of the imperfect tense that you were contacted and your phone made that annoying beeping noise while I was sleeping, actually!

ecce – ‘Behold!’ or ‘Would you believe it?!’

eheu – Oh dearie me!

edo – ‘I am eating at the moment’ – can be used as a holding text. Perhaps you’ll get back to them later.

etc. - et cetera – ‘and the others’– already a succinct Latin expression used in everyday English.

floreat – Long may it prosper – as in ‘floreat Londinium!’- a good motto for the 2012.

ib. or ibid. – abbreviation for ibidem – in the same place, house, bar…as last time.

via – ‘on the road’ tells the recipient of your text that you have set off and will get to them eventually.

mane –An even briefer version of the texter’s favourite ‘2moro’

mea culpa – my mistake!

occupatus - another holding email. You are busy at the moment.

possum – ‘It’s in the bag’

potus –drinkies, anyone?!

s. – abbreviation for ‘sine’ meaning without.

veni, vidi, vici – not one that I have ever used myself, but this might indicate rather a good day at school!


Putting some of the above together you might get…

 Eheu, occupatus domi. mane?

 Happy texting!